Stiftungsrat Klosters Music (v.l.n.r.).: Jürg L. Steinacher, Daniela Lütjens, Franziska J. Saager, Heinz Brand, Reiny Winkler, Christian Bolt

“An exciting peek behind the scenes”

Music and painting are the great passions of the German-Swiss dual citizen born in Wuppertal. Having grown up in a home interested in culture, Daniela Lütjens chose the artistic profession of painting restorer. For many years she worked on the famous Claren Altar in Cologne Cathedral. Together with her husband, she has also been involved in classical music for a long time. Georg Rudiger spoke with her. 

Georg Rudiger: You have been president of the Patrons’ Association Art & Music, Klosters since its foundation. What do you enjoy about this role?

Daniela Lütjens: I love organising. I am also active in the Zonta Club Zurich, which campaigns for women’s rights worldwide, and have been organising charity events for many years. I have always been interested in culture – in visual arts as well as music. So I can bring both together at the Patrons’ Association Art & Music, Klosters.

What connection do you have with the town of Klosters?

My husband and I have had a second home here for a long time. We love this place and spend a lot of time here both in summer and winter, roaming around a lot in nature.

How does the Patrons’ Association promote the festival?

First and foremost by raising a lot of money to help finance this great festival. The annual support from our members and sponsors ranges from 100 to more than 50’000 Swiss francs. We now have around 130 members and also 19 sponsors who are not members of the association. We organise post-concert dinners with the artists for them when a certain amount of support is reached. There is a patrons’ reception and even a visit to a rehearsal – an exciting peek behind the scenes! This year, for the first time, we are also organising two excursions during the festival exclusively for our members and patrons, although these have to be paid for separately.

Where do the excursions go?

We drive to Chur to the Bündner Kunstmuseum and get a guided tour there. The works of the Giacometti family of artists are particularly interesting and not very well known. We have lunch in the historic Stern Restaurant, and afterwards we take a look around the old town together. As a second event, we offer a rehearsal visit in the Arena with the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg under the direction of Patrick Hahn with the great violinist Arabella Steinbacher, followed by lunch at the Kesslerhof. Incidentally we will be present with a stand at every concert during the festival. We will not only talk to our supporters there, but also with any interested concert guests. This year you can also buy an ibex sculpture by the Klosters sculptor and painter Christian Bolt. He is active on the festival’s board of trustees. The festival is also financially supported from these proceeds.

What are you particularly looking forward to at the upcoming festival?

It’s hard to decide with this fabulous and varied programme. Perhaps to the concert with Sir András Schiff. We have known him personally for many years and also support his own festival in Vicenza.

You don’t know in advance what exactly he will play.

That’s true, but he has already revealed the composers Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He once nicely commented that we in the audience don’t know either what we would like to have for lunch on a certain day two years from now – and he feels the same way about playing the piano. The contracts with the organisers are made a long time in advance. Sir András Schiff wants to keep a certain spontaneity in the concert business. He then explains in each case which work he is playing and why he has chosen it.

What is special about Klosters Music for you – especially when compared to other music festivals?

The beautiful mountain world in which it takes place. And the familiar setting. You can also meet great artists in the village or in the hotel and chat with them a little. That would never happen in New York or London.

Would you like to become a member of the Patrons‘ Association too? You will find information here about membership and this year’s edition of the ibex figure. The programme of excursions with registration form will be sent directly to members of the Patrons‘ Association at the end of June.