Art and music: Bad RagARTz and Klosters Music

People who are open to the charms of music are usually also sensitive to the visual arts. And those who love art also love music. In order to bring these two strands together in their entirety across the regions, Klosters Music and the Swiss Triennial of Sculpture Bad RagARTz have come together this summer to deliver two outstanding events. In keeping with the motto of this year’s Bad RagARTz: “Distance sharpens the eye and art creates closeness”. And this “closeness” is important, reports Rolf Hohmeister:

“I am passionate about connecting people and generations through culture. And these connections must go far beyond the regions, Hohmeister continues. Because: “In this way, we deepen people’s cultural awareness. But not only this: We mutually strengthen our positions and our events. We know that shared enjoyment brings a range of benefits. We can look forward to this shared enjoyment again on 2 July in Bad Ragaz at the preview of Klosters Music as part of the jointly organised concert “Second Home”. While Klosters Music moves into the beautiful Rhine landscape, Bad RagARTz is starting out in the imposing mountain world of Klosters:

During the summer concerts, guests of Klosters Music can expect a world-class artistic surprise in the studio of Klosters sculptor Christian Bolt. But we are not revealing any more details on this just now. More information can be found here.