Ensemble Philharmonix, © Max Parovsky

From Salome to Falco

Philharmonix sets off a special musical firework on Swiss National Day and presents its new album

They have done it again – mixed musical styles, creative arrangements, composed and thrown in a good helping of humour. Philharmonix remains true to itself on its third album, which will be released on 26 August 2022. The septet from Vienna and Berlin combines Mozart’s Requiem and excerpts from his opera The Magic Flute with Falco’s hit Rock me Amadeus and calls this special mix Requiem for Falco.  Several of the new musical creations can also be heard at the concert of the virtuoso ensemble on 1 August at 5 pm in the Klosters Arena, for example Sebastian Gürtler’s Žute Dunje (Yellow Quinces), which takes a Bosnian folk song as the starting point for much love, pain and sentimentality. Waltzing Matilda, the unofficial Australian national anthem, gradually becomes a real rock number in the arrangement by cellist Stephan Koncz, a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker. But klezmer (Odessa Bulgar) and pop with Reality, which pays homage to the 80s hit from the teen romance La Boum, are also united under the Philharmonix umbrella. Even the complex Dance of the Seven Veils from Richard Strauss’ opera Salome can be found on this album, of course in a very special version. Many a musical firework is set off in the concert presented by clarinettist Daniel Ottensamer – just the thing for the Swiss National Day.

Across the Borders – Concert by the Ensembles Philharmonix (The Vienna Berlin Music Club) on 1 August at 5 pm in the Concert Hall, Arena Klosters. The new album Vol. 3 will be released by Deutsche Grammophon on 26 August 2022.