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COVID-19 – what you need to know for your concert visit

Your health is important to us. The concerts will be held as an event with access restricted to people with a Covid certificate. Visitors aged 16 years or over must show a Covid certificate and an identification document (for example, passport, identity card or driver’s license). The Covid certificate provides documentary evidence that you have had a Covid-19 vaccination, have had and recovered from the disease or have tested negative. Persons under the age of 16 are not required to present a Covid certificate.

Even in the summer of 2020, Klosters Music had a perfectly functioning, excellent protection concept. All concerts are carried out with a protection concept taken into consideration. Klosters Music implements all protective measures carefully and comprehensively in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health  (FOPH), the cantonal guidelines and the recommendations of the cultural sector. The protective measures for the concerts and events in 2021 will be adapted in line with the epidemiological situation in the summer and communicated in detail. We would therefore ask you to check this page regularly for updates.

The explanations below are our current guidelines for the organisation of the 2021 concerts (as of 16 July 2021).

Information on the Covid certificate

The Covid certificate contains, in addition to surname, first name and date of birth, information on:

  • Covid 19 vaccination(1) (complete vaccination, valid for 365 days) or
  • recovery (Covid disease confirmed by a positive PCR test and not more than 180 days old) or
  • the negative PCR test result (valid for 72h) or antigen rapid test result (valid for 48h).

Covid certificates will not be issued for self-tests. Self-tests are not valid for admission to the concert.

By presenting the official covid certificate with QR code, we as promoter can handle the entry control much faster and more efficiently than with other specific documents. Nevertheless, we also accept other vaccination, proof of recovery or test certificates, especially with regard to foreign certificates (2).

The Helios Pharmacy in Klosters performs tests (PCR test and antigen rapid tests) with Covid certificate during regular opening hours. Antigen rapid tests are free of charge for persons with a Swiss health insurance, for persons without Swiss health insurance the test costs approx. CHF 50.It is recommended to make an appointment in advance.

(1) Vaccines approved in Switzerland: two doses (Comirnaty®, COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm BIBP, Sinovac, Covishield™) on the day of administration of the second dose, one dose (Janssen) on the 22nd day after administration of the first dose.

(2) Requirements for validity: see last section under “Third countries”.

Swiss certificate

The Covid certificate is available in paper form, Pdf form or digital (app). It contains the QR code, which makes the certificate forgery-proof and guarantees its authenticity.

The Covid certificate is issued in Switzerland by the following entities: Vaccination centers, Medical practices, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Test centers, Laboratories, Cantonal authorities.

More information about the Covid certificate can be found here: Covid certificate (

Foreign certificates

EU/Schengen area:
Certificates issued according to the specifications of the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” are recognized. The main features are:

Digital and/or paper format, with QR code, free of charge, in the national language and in English.

National authorities are responsible for issuing it. It could be issued, for example, by testing centers or health authorities or directly via an eHealth portal. You can usually find out how to obtain the certificate from the national health authorities.

For more information on the EU COVID Certificate, click here: EU Covid Certificate (

Third countries:
For certificates from third countries there is also the possibility of recognition.

Until further notice, we will also recognize other proof of vaccination, test or recovery from guests from abroad (yellow international vaccination certificate; other paper proofs).

In all cases, proof of vaccination must include the following elements:
Name, first name and date of birth of the person concerned, date of vaccination, vaccine used.

Proof of recovery must include the following elements in all cases:
Name, surname and date of birth of the person concerned, confirmation of infection including name and address of the confirming body (testing center, doctor, pharmacy, hospital), confirmation of cancellation of seclusion or medical confirmation of recovery.

Seat spacing in the concert hall

  • If tickets are purchased prior to July 9, 2021, there will be an empty seat to the left and right of each individual seat as well as seats booked in pairs or groups. This seat spacing will be maintained for tickets already purchased.
  • If tickets are purchased after July 9, 2021, the empty seat rule will be eliminated and empty seats will no longer be kept to the left and right. .

What part have I to play in safety?

  • Please adhere to the generally applicable safety and sanitation measures
  • Klosters Music reserves the right to maintain the obligation to wear masks in all indoor areas of the concert venue and during the concert. Current information will follow.
  • If you feel unwell before the concert and have symptoms of being unwell, please stay at home for your own protection and for the safety of others. For information on symptoms and questions please visit the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) website at

What do I need to know when buying tickets?

  • Contact details (names, address, email address and/or telephone number) are recorded with every ticket purchase. This is done to insure the chain of information in the event of a positive Covid-19 case. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. In the case of families or other groups with persons known to each other, it is only necessary to collect the contact data of one person of the family or group in question.
  • If the tickets are passed on to third parties contact details of these persons must be disclosed.
  • Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres even when queuing at the box office.

What should I expect at my concert visit?


  • There is a coat rack (unguarded) available in the arena foyer. Jackets, coats and other items as well as bags can also be taken with you to your seat.

Admission / Concert / Interval

  • Due to the additional Covid certificate check, we anticipate a longer time requirement than usual for the entrance checks to the concert hall. Please arrive at the concert venue early (at least 20 minutes before) and have your Covid certificate, ID document and concert ticket ready at the entrance.
  • Depending on your seat you will be assigned your own hall entrance. The hall entrances are signposted in the entrance area and our staff are happy to help you.
  • Please keep the distances in front of the auditorium entrance, during circulation in the concert hall, and during interval.
  • Once admitted we kindly ask you to take your seats as soon as possible. Avoid walking or standing unnecessarily in the lobbies and corridors between the rows of chairs.
  • Do not swap seats. Stay in the seat you booked according to your concert ticket. This is a requirement and is to ensure the chain of information.

End of the concert

  • Leave the venue quickly via the exit area assigned to you.
  • Avoid stopping at the exits and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters even when leaving the concert.

Contact Tracing and Swisscovid App

  • With Contact Tracing people who were in close contact with persons infected with Coronavirus will be tracked. The SwissCovid App supports this. In this way the transmission chains can be stopped. Klosters Music recommends using the SwissCovid App.
  • We would like to point out that for not vaccinated people it may be necessary to quarantine if there was close contact with persons suffering from COVID-19 during the concert. The authorities will inform the persons identified of the possible infection.

General information

Programme brochures / Flyer

Flyer Klosters Music 2021

Programme Klosters Music 2021

Advance booking

Choose your preferred seat online at: Payment is possible with Visa, Mastercard, Postcard, by bank- / post transfer or on receipt of invoice.

Advance booking by telephone

Tel. +41 900 585 887
Monday – Friday, 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
CHF 1.20/min. from a landline

Tickets are also available at the Tourist Information Office

Klosters: Alte Bahnhofstrasse 6
Davos: Talstrasse 41
Heidiland Tourismus, Infostelle Bad Ragaz: Am Pl. 1
Monday – Friday, 8.30 am to 5pm in Bad Ragaz and to 6 pm in Klosters and Davos
Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm in Bad Ragaz and to 5 pm in Klosters and Davos
Sunday, 9 am to 1 pm (only Klosters and Davos)

Box office

Any remaining tickets can be purchased from the Box Office from one hour prior to the concert.


Children/young people up to 18 as well as trainees/students up to 25 with ID: 50 % reduction

Wheelchair spaces: standard price, companion seats: 50 % reduction

Wheelchair spaces/companion seats can only be booked through the event organiser: Tel. +41 76 561 21 58,

Group reservations

Are you planning to visit Klosters Music with your club, company or travel group? We will happily advise you on suitable ticketing solutions and will be glad to help with group reservations.

Franziska von Arb: +41 76 561 21 58,

Refunds and exchanges

We regret that tickets purchased cannot subsequently be refunded or exchanged.

Photography and sound recordings

Recording in any form, including by mobile phone or video camera, is prohibited.


Concert Hall, Arena
Doggilochstrasse 51
CH-7250 Klosters

St. Jakob’s Church  (only Organ Recital)
Landstrasse 154
CH-7250 Klosters

Kursaal, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz (extra concert)
7310 Bad Ragaz
(arrival and parking on Hans Albrecht-Strasse. You can find a map here)

Atelier Bolt (exhibition Le Corbusier)
Doggilochstrasse 121
7250 Klosters


Klosters Music
Stiftung Kunst & Musik, Klosters
Landstrasse 177
CH-7250 Klosters
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