Janoska Ensemble - Copyright Julia Wesely (5)
Janoska Ensemble, © Julia Wesely

Exclusive: A brief interview with the Janoska Ensemble

«Begegnungen. People and Places» is the motto of Klosters Music in 2024.
In a short series, we ask our artists what they think about it. 

Which encounter, which person was particularly important for your musical career – and why?

Our parents played a significant role in our musical journey by always supporting us and acting as role models. The Janoska family has been making music for seven generations. The Darvas family has been playing the double bass for three generations.

What place is an important retreat for you? 

As we give around 110 concerts a year and are often on tour, a place of retreat is extremely important for all of us. In our case, this is our family, who can hardly wait to see us at home again. All the children in the Janoska family show great musical talent. They play various instruments, sing and dance from an early age. At home, we spend a lot of time together and pass on musical tips and tricks to each other, which we hand down from generation to generation in the family.

What do you associate with Klosters? 

We have already given two wonderful concerts in Klosters. We look forward to the great audience that always supports us with positive energy at the concerts. After the concerts, we always look forward to meeting new and interesting people. We enjoy the wonderful landscape with its impressive mountains and breathtaking views into the distance. We also look forward to the Swiss cuisine, which we have learnt to appreciate very much.

1 August 2024, 5 pm, Concert Hall, Arena Klosters

Thomas Hampson (baritone), Janoska Ensemble