Arabella Steinbacher, © Sammy Hart
Arabella Steinbacher, © Sammy Hart

Exclusive: a short interview with violinist Arabella Steinbacher

“Sehnsucht Natur. Musical Landscapes” is the theme of Klosters Music 2023. We asked our artists for their thoughts on this.

What does nature mean to you? What do you associate with Klosters and its mountainous landscape?

Spending time in nature is an elixir of life for me, just like music is. I go jogging or for long walks almost every day. I am looking forward to the beautiful surroundings in Klosters which are of course ideal for this – in addition to the musical experience!

“The earth has music for those who listen” – this quote attributed to William Shakespeare inspired David Whelton, the artistic director of Klosters Music, for this year’s programme. What is your “favourite music” in nature? 

I love listening to the sound of the water and the leaves in the wind. Every season sounds and smells different. Being aware of this brings me back to myself every time.

Is there a special place in nature for you? A place of longing or refuge?

There are two special places that are worlds apart and yet both belong to me: the area around the Ammersee, where I grew up, and on the other hand my second home Usuki in the southern part of Japan.