Kevin Griffiths, © Michal Sebena
Kevin Griffiths, © Michal Sebena

Exclusive: Conductor Kevin Griffiths

In a short series, we ask our artists what they think about our motto “Sehnsucht Natur. Musical Landscapes”

What was your most impressive experience of nature?

I was very impressed by the vastness of the green steppes in Inner Mongolia. I have rarely felt such a sense of freedom. We rode out on Mongolian horses and had a traditionally prepared, delicious meal in a yurt. An unforgettable journey getting back to the fundamentals of life.

Do you go out into nature to keep active and for the experience or to
find peace and quiet? 

Definitely both, it depends on the moment. I love going into the wild to sharpen my survival instincts, to light a fire from scratch with very simple tools, to build a shelter or learn about edible wild plants. There are days when I simply go for a walk to rebalance the mind. In any case, I love connecting with nature.

You come from England. What landscape do you miss when you think
of your homeland?

I miss the rolling green hills, the long, rural, wild hedgerows, brick walls, the idyllic country houses and small towns with their churches and abbeys from the Middle Ages. And of course the windy seasides with their fish and chip shops. All these scenic features have greatly influenced the music of British composers such as Benjamin Britten, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Edward Elgar.