Excurstion to Bad RagARTz on 2 August 2021

Klosters Music has come up with something special for the concert-free day on 2 August. A wonderful  opportunity has arisen to take a fascinating trip into the visual arts by visiting the 8th Swiss Triennial Festival of Sculpture, Bad RagARTz. There are a total of 400 sculptures by 83 artists from all over the world to discover. Guests of Klosters Music will be guided through the exhibition by art historian Andrin Schütz while taking a leisurely stroll in the immaculate parks of Bad Ragaz. A highly recommended, relaxed and at the same time inspiring excursion into the world of international art and into the wonderful nature at the gateway to Graubünden. The transfer Klosters-Bad Ragaz-Klosters is organised by Klosters Music. Follow this link for the registration.