David Whelton, © Marcel Giger

“Film music creates the emotional narrative”

David Whelton is not only a great music lover, but also a passionate cinephile. At the film concert with the City Light Symphony Orchestra under conductor Kevin Griffiths on 4 August, the last day of the festival, the artistic director of Klosters Music will be able to combine both passions. Georg Rudiger asked him a few questions. 

Do you often go to the cinema?

My wife and I go to the cinema about once a month in London, usually to a Curzon, which are very comfortable and have an interesting programme of contemporary films.

What kind of films do you like to watch the most?

We enjoy classic black and white movies from the 1950s, but also the best new releases.

What fascinates you about film music?

Film music creates the emotional narrative, it requires a very special talent to achieve this, along with great craftsmanship. A major part of my life with the Philharmonia Orchestra was spent working on films and I was fascinated by composers’ ability to create memorable themes which captured the spirit of a film. “Out of Africa” and “Lawrence of Arabia” are just two examples which, in just a few seconds, take you into a new world.

After three silent films with live music were shown in Klosters last year, this year there will be a whole concert with film music. What can visitors expect at “And the Oscar goes to…”?

“And the Oscar goes to…” is an opportunity to enjoy the best of what film music has to offer and experience the impact of these superb scores played live by a very fine orchestra specialising in film music.

Which films have you already seen that have film music played by the City Light Symphony Orchestra?

I was able to attend the second-last James Bond movie, “Skyfall” at the KKL, played by the City Light Orchestra. That was very impressive.

Which film music do you like best?

I have no particular preferences, but always enjoy a great theme – it’s the hardest thing to compose.


04 August, 5 pm, Concert hall, Arena Klosters
City Light Symphony Orchestra, Kevin Griffiths (Conductor)