Giovanni Segantini: «Liebe am Quell des Lebens» / Christian Bolt: «Verdichtung und Verflüchtigung»

Giovanni Segantini / Gustav Mahler and Christian Bolt

As a highlight of this year’s art and music event on 31 July, we are delighted to welcome Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini as a guest speaker at Atelier Bolt.


Giovanni Segantini was only 41 years old when he died on the Schafberg in the Engadin in 1899. For the great painter, the Alps symbolised an almost mystical place of longing. Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini, the artist’s granddaughter, will introduce the audience to her grandfather’s work and talk about his life at Atelier Bolt. This very personal evening will be accompanied by songs by Gustav Mahler.

Nature as inspiration

NL_Segantini künstler

Although Gustav Mahler and Giovanni Segantini never met, the two artists have certain things in common. They both sought the seclusion of nature to escape the hustle and bustle of the world and find inspiration for their work. Segantini, the painter, only moved to the mountains at the end of his short life whereas the composer took a break of several months every summer from his strenuous everyday life as a conductor and travelled from the city to the countryside. He wrote his large-scale symphonies there, in lonely and austerely-furnished small houses, which he called “composing huts”. Mahler’s first retreat was in Steinbach on the Attersee, and in later years he went to Maiernigg on the Wörthersee. In the final years of his life, the composer was drawn to a mountainous area in the middle of the Dolomites: Dobbiaco in the South Tyrolean Puster Valley.

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31 July, 7 pm, Atelier Bolt, Klosters
Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini (lecture in german),
James Atkinson (baritone), Hamish Brown (piano)

Information about the exhibition 

The Segantini/Mahler evening continues in the exhibition, which is open until 23 August.

Thanks to the generous permission of Gioconda Leykauf-Segantini, we were able to print ten of Segantini’s works. These paintings printed on canvas include the iconic triptych “Becoming – Being – Passing Away”, but also some rarely-seen works.

In dialogue with these works by Segantini, the exhibition focuses on bronze sculptures by Christian Bolt, which relate to the same existential and ideological questions as those raised in Segantini’s work.
The Segantini art prints and the artworks by Christian Bolt on display can be purchased and reordered on request. Sale and reordering through Atelier Bolt*. To be collected at Atelier Bolt.

The catalogue for the art prints by Giovanni Segantini and the artworks by Christian Bolt can be found here.

Opening hours exhibition

31 July (opening night / concert) to 23 August 2024
monday to friday
8–12 am and 1–5 pm

free entry

Film presentation “On Human Beauty”
German, with English subtitles

Free entry. Please register*

As part of the exhibition, the documentary film “On Human Beauty” by Roland Steffen, about Bolt’s creative world, will also be shown during the festival week.

2 August: 10.30 am
3/9/16/23 August: 5 pm

Contact person / Registration: *Dominique Bolt | +41 79 715 43 32 | 14.00–16.00 Uhr