Klosters Music 2022 –
30 July to 7 August 2022


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Nuria Rial und Maurice Steger NL
Maurice Steger & Nuria Rial

Canticle of the Sun and the Art of the Flute

Maurice Steger and Nuria Rial embark on a musical journey through time at the concert on 4 August. Maurice Steger loves musical excavations. Time and again, the flutist and conductor, who grew up in Landquart, discovers unknown, sparsely notated repertoire, which he makes blossom with his musical imagination and tremendous virtuosity on the recorder.

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Sir András Schiff, © Lukas Beck
Sir András Schiff, © Lukas Beck

“Bösendorfer is Viennese dialect”

Sir András Schiff will interpret works of the Viennese classical period at the final concert of Klosters Music. However, the exceptional pianist does not want to reveal what exactly he will play. "We have to find new ways to communicate with the audience. I find that the usual rituals of a concert are too formal, too predictable. There are no surprises".

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Bild jubiläum Collage
800 years Klosters

Founding week 800 years Klosters

On this very day, 24 May 2022, Klosters celebrates the 800th anniversary of the first documented mention. A special highlight of the celebrations on the Ascension weekend is a joint concert of the new church bells with the celebratory music "Bandella vista mare". The founding week will be celebrated with concerts, speeches and a varied supporting programme.

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