Julie Fuchs, © Sarah Bouasse
Julie Fuchs, © Sarah Bouasse

Julie Fuchs about the longing of nature

“Sehnsucht Natur. Musical Landscapes” is the theme of Klosters Music 2023.
We asked our artists for their thoughts on this. 

When do you long for nature?

Julie Fuchs: Always. More and more. This is one of the biggest need I have in my life now. My dose of nature can impact very strongly my physical and mental health. And I hope we can all realize how much taking care of the earth is an emergency for all of us.

What is your favorite “music” in nature?

JF: I am from Provence so for me there is nothing like the song of the cicadas. I even love it during outdoor concerts .

Do you have a special/favorite place in nature?

JF: Alps. I remember so beautiful hikes there. But yes, Provence and it’s light, smells… is my favorite.

Together with the Orchestra La Scintilla Julie Fuchs was on August 3, 2021 in the imposing mountains of Graubünden in “Timeless Splendour“. Here you can listen to the concert recording.