Thomas Hürlimann und Fedora Wesseler
Thomas Hürlimann und Fedora Wesseler

Klosters Music presents an additional event:

Thomas Hürlimann reads from his latest novel “The Red Diamond” (July 31).

Literature is included in the programme for Klosters Music as well as music, as was the case last year when Alain Claude Sulzer embarked on a literary-musical journey to 19th century Switzerland together with pianist Oliver Schnyder in the Atelier Bolt. The Swiss writer Thomas Hürlimann will be a guest at the upcoming festival, where he will present and read individual passages from his latest, critically acclaimed work “The Red Diamond” in a conversation with the dramaturge and translator Fedora Wesseler. The autobiographically influenced novel is set in a Swiss convent school called “Maria zum Schnee”. The abbey is reminiscent of the Catholic boarding school in Einsiedeln that Hürlimann himself attended in the 1960s. In this timeless abbey, the view goes into the past, where a mysterious red diamond plays an important role, but also into the future, which blows a breath of fresh air into the old monastery walls. While Arthur, the main character of the novel, follows the trail of the diamond with his friends, the old world collapses around him. “As a carnival of catastrophes, this novel is above all a celebration of the comedic,” enthuses Jochen Hieber in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about Hürlimann’s book.



The Red Diamond – Reading (in german)
Thomas Hürlimann (writer), Fedora Wesseler (moderation)
Monday, July 31, 7:00 pm, Atelier Bolt, Klosters

Tickets are now available online and at the tourist offices in Klosters and Davos.

It is possible to visit both events of 31 July
«Cuckoo meets Kangoroo» 5:00 – 6:15 pm, Altes Schulhaus
«The Red Diamond» 7:00 pm, Atelier Bolt