Music for timeless moments

On 4 August St. Jakob Church will play host to the keenly anticipated organ recital “Between Here and There – A time there was” with the talented organist and improviser Rudolf Lutz. This promises to be an evening of special and above all unique musical moments. The evening will begin with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Prelude in B Minor and end with his Fugue in B-Minor and these compositions will bookend organ renditions and improvisations by Rudolf Lutz of works by Mozart, Dvořák and Schubert.

Entrance is free of charge (collection) but for reasons of capacity it is required to book in advance. To register, please use the online form. You can register from today.

Read here about what Rudolf Lutz himself says about the unique evening in Klosters and about safe havens, remembrance and feelings of homesickness:

“To be homesick you have to have a homeland, a home. For me, Bach is both a rock and a safe haven. His late Prelude and Fugue in B Minor provide the framework for this programme. They bookend my own interpretation of the 2nd movement of Dvořák’’s symphony ‘From the New World’. The lyrical leitmotif reminds me of the view from the Hotel Waldhaus onto Lake Sils, bathed in evening light. This wonderful music echoes my own longing. Can music express homesickness? Or is it perhaps the memory of homesickness. You will also hear Mozart’s Rondo in A Minor. For me it is filled with an indescribable autumn light, as reflected in the words of Luisa Famos:

‹Per mai es stat quel di                             ‹For me that day
L’ultim da mi’utuon                                   the last day of my autumn,
Tant glüminusa                                          so full of light,
Preferida                                                     was the best of all days;
Tuot oter d’eir il tschêl                              so different the sky
D’ün blau chafuol                                       deep blue,
Masdà da desideris e dümperar              interwoven with wishes and
Dumandas sainza gnir respusas.›            unanswered questions.›

(From the poetry collection “eu sun la randolina d’ünsacura”, translated by Mevina Puorger.)

The improvisations are made up on the spot. Some of Schubert’s melodies are interwoven in a Lutzian ‘garland of songs’. You will hear these and other creations for the first and last time on 4 August.”