Pre-registration Organ Recital 6 August 2020

Detailed information

The protective measures for the organ recital are based on the protection concept for St Jacob’s Church. The number of listeners is limited to one third of the ordinary capacity of the church (maximum of about 100 people).

Maintaining distances (1.5 metre) must be ensured by taking appropriate measures (blocking off rows of seats, removing chairs, etc.). Markings with numbered seat cushions will guide you.

The gallery is accessible for listeners, and chairs are also placed in the choir with a view of the gallery.

The entrance to the church is through the main entrance. Please arrive at the church early (at least 20 minutes before the start). Please maintain distances in front of and inside the church. You will leave the church in rows, starting with the back row of the nave, followed by the choir and gallery.

You are not obliged to wear a mask. However we recommend that you wear a mask when you are not in your seat. We will provide you with masks free of charge at the entrance.

Sanitisers are available at the entrance of the church.

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