Under the title “Shape & Sound”, two artistic practices, that are harmoniously interconnected, consolidate in the setting of a matinee.

In an illustrative lecture recital, Swiss sculptor and artist Christian Bolt as well as Austrian composer Wolfgang-Michael Bauer will showcase the affiliation between sculpture, painting and music. Visitors also benefit from an introduction to the legacy of Swiss sculptor Kurt Oskar Weber, with an extensive exhibition of his work dedicated to him in the exhibition rooms.

Both artists give a fascinating insight into their creative process. An audience participation question/answer will put more light on the fascinating worlds of these two diversified artists. All the musical compositions of Wolfgang-Michael will debut in Switzerland. This proves to be a memorable experience.

11.00 am
Opening and introduction to Kurt Oskar Weber exhibition by Andrin Schütz

Saturday, 27 July 2019
Atelier Bolt, Klosters
11.30 am
CHF 180 incl. Apéro riche
Music: Antonia Rössler (Violine), Othmar Müller (Violoncello) and Alexander Rössler (Klavier)
Moderation: Andrin Schütz

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Trio Rössler Rössler Müller  (1)
Wolfgang, Andrin, Christian