Sir András Schiff, © Nadja Sjöström
Sir András Schiff, © Nadja Sjöström.jpg

Sunday, 7 August 2022, 5 pm, Concert Hall, Arena Klosters: Carte Blanche

Sir András Schiff has already captivated audiences with his interpretative skills at the first three editions of the Klosters Music Festival. This year he will close the festival with his piano recital. He does not want to reveal exactly what he will be playing at the concert, which he will host, in order to keep us all in suspense. What is certain, however, is that the works will be from the Viennese classical period, to which he has always had a strong personal connection. Schiff is always concerned with faithfulness to the text, “but also knowing how to read a text. There are so many subtleties that cannot be written down at all. It’s about the art of timing. And yes: the joy of music!”

More information about the programme and the ticket sale can be found here.