Francesco Piemontesi, © Marco Borggreve
Francesco Piemontesi Photo: Marco Borggreve

The opening: Romantic Awakening

For the opening of Klosters Music 2022, the audience can look forward to an intriguing journey to romanticism and the sunny south. On this first evening, you can look forward to a reunion with Pablo Heras-Casado, who conducts the Munich Chamber Orchestra, which will be making its first guest appearance in Klosters. The technically and musically accomplished Ticino pianist Francesco Piemontesi also makes his debut in Grisons picture book holiday resort.

The fascinating journey, on Saturday, July 30, begins in Switzerland: the overture to Giaocchino Rossini’s Opera “William Tell” permits the eye to wander calmly over the impressive mountain landscape and develops into turbulent experience with stormy passages, the dance of the cows and the well-known mounted attack. The overture is followed by Robert Schuhmann’s Piano Concerto in A minor, played by Francesco Piemontesi. The Ticino native combines accuracy with a richness of tone colour that traces every emotion of the music’s soul. This makes him the perfect companion for exploring the depths of Schumann’s work. With the “Italian” Symphony in A major by Mendelssohn, Italy’s vibrant joie de vivre takes hearts by storm with turbulence,  rapturous longing and cheerful dancing. The southern sun unfolds its full power at the end of the evening.